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New Products

Innovative new products, technologies and concepts

Teledyne CARIS AI Software SRO Solutions

SRO Solutions is working on a

Teledyne CARIS, a Teledyne Tech- from-home locations’ around the world.

project to replace British Antarc- nologies company, was an integral part The SEA-KIT USV surveyed a tic Survey’s (BAS) current asset of the team involved in the ground- predominately unsurveyed area at the management system, and help breaking uncrewed offshore survey southwestern edge of the UK Continen- improve the processing and shar- mission in the Atlantic Ocean. Tele- tal shelf. The image displays the initial ing of data between the organiza- dyne CARIS’ Mira AI and CARIS results following a fully automated tion’s UK headquarters and polar

Onboard software were present on the processing work? ow. Final process- research stations. The Manchester vessel to enable autonomous survey ing is currently being completed using

UK-based technology ? rm was and real-time processing operations. CARIS HIPS software to produce the tasked with migrating all of BAS’

The mission’s Uncrewed Surface Ve- ? nal deliverable for the survey.

existing data from its current hicle (USV) built by SEA-KIT mapped The success of the Teledyne CARIS

AMOS asset management system more than 1000 sq kms of the ocean tools in the UTAS project demonstrates to IBM’s Maximo platform. In ad- ? oor in 22 days, while being continu- its software capabilities to support dition, SRO has created a number ously monitored via satellite com- uncrewed surveys in the future and the of bespoke applications to handle munications at its Remote Operations crucial role it will play in The Nip- data covering cargo and freight

Center in Essex, UK. A specialized pon Foundation-GEBCO Seabed 2030 movements, internal documents, team comprised of the GEBCO-Nippon project, an ambitious effort between and crew and course planning.

Foundation Alumni Team operated the GEBCO and The Nippon Foundation

BAS delivers and enables inter- survey equipment and provided quality to complete the global mapping of the disciplinary scienti? c research in control of the data from various ‘work- ocean ? oors in the next 10 years.

Antarctica, and each season sends around 300-plus research and support staff to the continent. It operates three research stations in the Antarctic and two on Subant- arctic South Georgia, and one in the Arctic on behalf of NERC.

Other assets include the RRS

James Clark Ross, a ? eet of air- craft and specialist vehicles, plus the eagerly awaited new polar ship for Great Britain, RRS Sir David


Teledyne CARIS

Valeport Launches Next-Gen Sensors

Valeport launched two new sensors to be continually updated for Density for ROVs/AUVs and subsea survey. variations in the water column.

The new miniIPS2 (pictured) and new The compact uvSVX features

Valeport uvSVX, which both offer operationally Valeport’s Time of Flight technol- speci? c interchangeable pressure trans- ogy and delivers salinity, conductivity gral calibration, is quickly and easily ducers that deliver enhanced accuracy and density data, along with SVP as changed whilst in the ? eld, with no for speci? c depth ranges. standard. High accuracy data is assured tools required and without opening the

The smart miniIPS2 underwater pres- with the addition of Valeport’s unique instrument. Delivering 0.01% accuracy, sure sensor with accuracy to 0.01%. interchangeable pressure module that the interchangeable pressure transducer

The miniIPS2 is compatible with Vale- allows users to maximise operational is available in 10, 20,30, 50, 100, 200, port’s MIDAS BathyPack and Bathy- speci? c depth requirements. This 300, 400 and 600bar variants.

Log software, allowing the depth data advanced pressure module, with inte- 61

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