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n e w u n i t  v a n dawark
named executive vp

David Ballash, president and chief executive officer of Dillingham Maritime, recently announced a restructuring of several companies into a new operating unit, and the appointment of Tom Van Dawark as its executive vice president and chief operating officer.

According to Mr. Ballash, the new operating unit, known as Dillingham Maritime Transportation, consists of Foss Launch & Tug Co., Foss Alaska Line, Dillingham Maritime Services all headquartered in Seattle, Wash.; Pacific Towboat, Long Beach, Calif.; and Dillingham Tug and Barge, and Young Brothers, Ltd., Honolulu, Hawaii.

In making the announcement, Mr. Ballash said: "The unit and position were created to increase management focus on Dillingham Maritime's transportation line of business. Major services provided within the Pacific Basin include ship assist, vessel bunkering, ocean towing, and common carrier operations. Emphasis will be placed on coordinating marketing, sales and operations efforts aimed at maximizing the utilization of vessels, resources and service to our customers."

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