Lubritech Fuel Additive Lowers Maintenance Costs

— Field Study Available XPLC upper engine cleaner/lubricant from Lubritech International Corporation of Bethesda, Md., is said to reduce maintenance and fuel costs, and extend running time between overhauls for diesel engines.

According to Chauncy Willis of Norfolk-based C.G. Willis Towing Company, "With XPCL we're getting 7,500 more hours of running time between overhauls . . . that's a 43-percent increase that will save us thousands of dollars in maintenance. Basically, XPCL eliminated carbon build-up without making the fuel burn hotter. That reduced heat and friction, which reduced engine wear. Now that we have seen a major reduction in maintenance requirements and engine downtime, we are totally sold on XPCL." In another field test, Brent Towing of Greenville, Miss., documented a 7-percent fuel savings by using XPCL, representing annual savings of $76,000.

Users also report that they don't worry as much about the quality of the fuel they use. They buy whatever is available, confident that the added XPCL will help protect the engine.

For free copies of the field study reports on the Willis Towing and Brent Towing experience with XPCL,

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