New Waterways Rope By Columbian Rope

— L i t e r a t u r e Available A new line of towing and locking lines, identified as P/D 84 has been introduced by Columbian Rope, Guntown, Miss. Designed for the inland waterways system as a companion rope to Columbian's P/D 101 river rope, P/D 84 has the family characteristics to perform services similar to P/D 101 in applications where less demanding rope performance is required, at a slightly lower workload level.

P/D 84 meets the requirements for waterways usage. Its superior construction is reflected in its greater breaking length when compared to competitive brands. It is flexible, easy to use and features low stretch. It renders safely with low surface friction, offers excellent control in checking yet is lightweight and easy to handle.

Its outer surface is formed of a blend of polyester, polyethylene and polypropylene to provide strong abrasion resistance. It has a melting point of 330 to 482 degrees. It is available in 600-foot lengths in either 1% or 2-inch diameters and is offered in white with a red, white and blue surface marker yarn in one strand and a twisted paper marker inside the same strand.

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